My Coupons:

We do have an exciting offer and we provide Personal Coupon to our customers time to time. The benefit of the coupon will be eligible for the order placed online through our website only. The coupon will not be redeemed at our retail outlets. For using your personal coupons, below are the set of points as a part of personal coupon policy.

Terms and Condition:

  1. To use the personally issued coupon the customer have to keep currency in INR while applying the coupon and after applying the coupon they can change it to their respective currency.

  2. The coupons will be applicable only on product amount not on stitching charges and shipping charges. The coupon will also be not applicable on already discounted products.

  3. A customer cannot use multiple coupons at one time. Unless a special promotion is being run, we do not accept that coupon.

  4. If the customer has accumulated two coupons, then the customer will be able to use only one coupon on one order. The customer cannot use both the coupon in the same order.

  5. Customer cannot use coupons and point card together in same order.

  6. The personal coupon issued will be valid for the certain mentioned time period along with the coupon. The coupon will auto expire if not used within the mentioned time period. Coupon once used within the expiry date will also auto-expire and no longer will be valid to use another time.

  7. If a coupon can be issued for any special occasion in the registered E-mail, then it will be applicable, if the order is placed in that particular customer name to whom we have issued the coupon.

  8. To ensure product availability for all customers, we reserve the right to limit individual coupon quantities.

  9. Coupons will not have cash value.

  10. Share your exclusive feedback in 100 characters on Google and WIN 10% discount coupon for your next purchase (On non-discounted products). Your coupon history will be shown to you after every purchase of product.

What is Cashback? How do I redeem it?

Cashback is your online store credit with that can be used to pay for purchases on. Credit should be given in case when we cannot fulfill your order or product will be return to us from customer side.

How do I redeem my cashback?

When you come to the payment page, you can find your accumulated cashback amount in your cart and you can redeem as per your convenience.

How Referral System work?


If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about our site or to share your wish list, your friend will earn 10 G3fashion points. Same will be applied to you, if your friend choose this services when you will receive 10 G3fashion points.

You will have to invite your friend via email.